General Conditions


These General Conditions will expressly regulate the relations between J. Trias, S.R.L, Plaça de la Creu nº 22 08700. Igualada (Barcelona) Spain, with VAT NO: B-59727529 (hereinafter 'Trias-shop.') and third parties (hereinafter, 'users') who sign up as users and/or acquire products through the online shop from the official website of J.TRIAS, S.R.L (", hereinafter “the shop”)


1.1. The user undertakes, with a general nature, to use the shop, purchase the products and use each one of the shop's services diligently, observing the law, moral, public order and the provisions of these general conditions, and must likewise refrain from using them in any way that might impede, damage or affect the normal operation and enjoyment of the shop by the users or which might damage the assets or rights of Trias-shop, its suppliers, users or in general of any third party.


2.1 Trias-shop reserves the right to decide, at all times, the products offered to users through the shop. More particularly, Trias-shop may add new products to those already offered or included in the shop at any time, it being understood that unless otherwise established, any such new products will be governed by the provisions of the present general conditions. Similarly, Trias-shop reserves the right to stop rendering or providing access and use at any time, and without prior warning, of any of the different kinds of products offered in the shop.

2.2 The products included in the shop will reflect, as faithfully as possible using web display technology, those actually supplied. The characteristics of the products and their prices appear in the shop. The prices indicated in the shop are in euros and include VAT, unless otherwise indicated.

2.3 The orders will be served according to the strict order of reception. If there is no stock available of the product chosen, the order will be cancelled and we will notify it to the client. I f it is not possible to contact the client, we will provide him a product with similar characteristics o we will give him back the amount of money paid for it.


3.1 The territorial scope of sales through the shop is exclusively for the European Union, and deliveries will only be made in this territory. The products purchased through the shop will be sent to the delivery address given by the user once payment has been verified. The term of delivery will depend on the availability of the product. There are three options:

· 24-48 hours

· 72 hours

· To consult: they will be delivered depending on the availability of the stock of the supplier. In this case, we would notify the client the approximate time.

The term of delivery will start at 12:00 pm after the client makes the order, except on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

If the product sent arrives in bad conditions because of the shipment, it will be changed for the same product with no fees at all, only if the client notifies the problem before 24hours alter the reception of the product.

3.2 Trias-shop's delivery service is provided in collaboration with different logistics operators of acknowledged repute. No orders will be delivered to PO boxes or non-permanent addresses.

3.3 The cost of shipment is not included in the price of the products. The user will be informed of the exact cost of shipment at the time of purchase.


4.1 These costs will be free in orders of amounts higher than 35€  and with delivery the Peninsula, Andorra and Gibraltar. All the orders of amounts lower than 35€  will have a cost of 7,67 € .

All the orders that have to be delivered outside the Peninsula will be free if and only if, the amount is higher than 240€ . If this is not the case, they will have to pay the respective shipment costs. (The approximate tariffs are: Canarias 17.11€ , Baleares 14.16€, Ceuta and Melilla 22.42€.
Zone 1: Alemania, Austria, Bélgica, Dinamarca, Fancia, Holanda, Italia, Luxemburgo, Polonia, Portugal (Isla Madeira 61.95€) Reino Unido, República Checa and Suiza 25.96€ + IVA (about 6 working days)
Zone 2: Bulgaria, Eslovenia, Estonia, Findlandia, Grécia, Hungría, Irlanda, Letonia, Lituania, Noruega, Rrepública Eslovaca, Rumania and Suecia 36.58€ (about 7 working days)

If you prefer to pick up the order in our shop (Igualada), there will be no cost at all, no matter the amount of the order.


5.1 Within the maximum term of twenty-four (24) hours, Trias-shop will send an e-mail to the user, confirming the purchase. This e-mail will assign a reference code of the purchase, and will detail the characteristics of the product, its price, shipping expenses and the data of the different options for making payment of the products to Trias-shop.

5.2 The user that buys a product from our shop, will have to choose one of these payment options:

· Credit card. The payment with credit card, will be done through Banc Sabadell entity. If there would be any problem, Trias-shop would give the money back to the client in no more than 15 natural days.

· PayPal

· Bank transfer. You have to consider that with this payment method, the process of delivery might be slower, because Trias-shop will have to wait for the notification of the payment.

J. Trias S.R.L. (Banc Sabadell).

Account number: 0081-0037-91-0006304237

Recommended if you buy from a foreign country:
IBAN: ES23 0081-0037-91-0006304237

Remember that it is very important that you fill in the information: Name, last name and order number.

In Trias-shop we make sure of the confidentiality of your data and also that the payment has been done in a safe way.

5.3 Trias-shop will archive the electronic documents in which the agreement is formalized, sending a copy to the user once the purchase has been made. The contract will be done in Spanish or Catalan language.

5.4 The confirmation of the order sent by Trias-shop is not valid as an invoice, only as a receipt of purchase. Trias-shop will send the invoice with the product.


6.1 The user has the right to replace or to return the purchase, by contacting Trias-shop by e-mail on the following address: and desist in the purchase within a term of not more than seven (7) working days, counted as of receipt of product. The product has to be sent to our address. Trias-shop does not pay for this shipment cost.

J.Trias, S.R.L.

Plaza de la Cruz, nº22

08700 Igualada (Barcelona) España

Remember that the pieces that have been adjusted for the size or have been engraved will not be changed.

If you want to replace your product, you have to attach the replacement/return sheet, correctly filled in and the copy of the bill that you will find inside the box and then, you have to specify the new product that you want. In this case, Trias-shop will only pay for the costs of his own shipment.

If you want to desist the order, you have to send the product to our shop to make sure that the product is in perfect conditions. Once we have checked it, Trias-shop will entail the return of the amount paid in the same way that the customer has done it. The period of time for the return of the amount will be the one established by the law.

6.2 The right to desist cannot be used when the product is not returned in its original packing and when the product is not in perfect condition. In this case, we will send the product back to the client and we will charge him the shipment costs.


7.1 All our products have the warranty specified for the manufacturer. If your product does not function correctly:

1. You can send it, with the warranty and explaining exactly which is the problem (Trias-shop will not pay for these shipment costs)

J.Trias, S.R.L.

Plaza de la Cruz, nº22

8700 Igualada (Barcelona) Spain

2. You can bring the product in person to our shop.

3. You can personally send it to the technical service of the product’s brand that you will find in the warranty.

7.2 For any problem, reclamation or exercise of you rights, the user can send us an email to: